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A short story on climate change

Are we destined to destroy ourselves?

For the first time we met them on earth, we are eager to terminate their existence, we know we are created for each other but we felt evacuating them would solve all our problems, we use them they still serve us better, we kill them they still try to survive, we treat them badly but they figured out we're always arrogant with lower kind when we're with POWER, animal cruelty is real, they give all we need to live long and peaceful but we want to sideline them completely without any compensation. human activities has caused much damage to earth than good.
              We bring on the black devil beneath the crust to source us our solutions, we've succeeded in all our plans but the planet earth refuse to let us have our peace and long life we all crave for, the planet promise to give us what we deserve (Mass extinction), we are dying of the climate change while the oppressors felt all is well, but our existence is non assured as we continue these activities, but the trees are always ready to help if we can all call on them, they can shield us if we request, they can save us if we allow their existence, flooding, extreme hot environment and the likes of other global warming related diseases such as cancer, dehydration and malaria would be massively dealt with if trees can be allowed to come back to the planet earth, I hope it won't be late before we realise we're on the verge of mass extinction #letssavetheworld
              What you need to about global warming is it's will continue to rise the global temperature till plant won't be able to survive the condition and then every specie on earth won't likely survive the harsh condition. We can still help restore this globe by individually contributing to decrease usage of carbon emitting products or materials, that uses fuel such as e.g crude oil products fuel as well as discouraging burning of trees and deforestation.

            The use of green energy would be the best option we will ever go for and will always make our environments clean and healthy, and leaving a legacy behind that help sustain the healthy world. but if we are destined to destroy our world then this will never work. Kindly drop a comment to know your view about this...


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