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Global warming sheild foundation (GWSF)

Global warming sheild foundation is a foundation created to attend to the urgent need to reduce the global warming temperature by 2oC in 2030, this sounds awesome right? hurray!!! 

                Global warming shield foundation is an NGO which is populated by individuals who expect nothing but a sustainable environment for the community and world at large, GWSF started their movement May 2019 on whatsApp platform, creating whatsApp group for each state in Nigeria including the federal capital territory (FCT), that’s 37 cities in the country.
                They kicked off their project with a theme “GREENING NIGERIA SCHOOL PROJECT” which the 20 oldest school in each state in the country was selected and planted on 1st October 2019 , a record of about 25,000 fruit trees of different species, which includes (Mango, Orange, Grover and Cashew)  was planted across the country after about a week of kick off,  the foundation vow to complete all remaining projects before the end of the year 2019, this gives hope to the revival and restoration of our planet earth from Mass extinction. Follow our blog for more interesting facts on global warming shield foundation projects…