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How to secure your WhatsApp account from being hacked!

WhatsApp accounts has been linked to so many things this days, hacking your WhatsApp account means a lot to you, if only you know... if your whatsApp account is hacked, it can be used to extort from your contact list E.g families and friends while can also be use to paint you black on your status and linked groups.
 To secure your account, the following steps should be followed diligently.

1. open your whatsApp account

2. click the top right corner on the app, a box will appear with list of options

3. click on settings

4. click on account

5. click on Two-step verification

6. click on enable

7. you have insert 6-digit pin and verify the pin to continue

8. you will be asked to input your email, in case you forgot your pin and safeguard your account, your email will be verified again

9. click on Done!

Your account is now ready and secured.


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