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Are we going extinct???

The truth is, Not so soon, but I will tell you about global warming, human beings are the cause of all irregularities on earth, what we destroy is never our environment, it's ourselves, our habitation and our next generations to come, we deliberately and indirectly manipulate and reduce our time on earth, our respiratory system carries so many infections that causes many newly discovered diseases we fight today like cancer viruses and other undiscovered diseases, we should for proper respiration take in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide but as I speak today, we breath in poisonous gases released from burnt trees, crude oil, plastics and other hydrocarbons, which chemically or biochemically may affect our metabolic processes, then directly or indirectly affect or complicate our health conditions, every minutes of everyday millions of trees are cut down for decorations and technological uses, denying and depriving the existence of many important wild life, many medicinal plants had gone into extinction in the process, we are creating much diseases and reducing our chances of survival, until we develop processes and innovations that can help stabilize our environments, we need hope, we need to adopt the system of afforestation to help reduce flooding, diseases and also help reduce the effect of the hot weather, we believe together we we can reverse back these actions, we are in the beginning of a mass extinction, hope we will be quick to react. #letssavetheworld #stopdeforestation #stopfossilfuelburning #reforestationisourchoice #massextinction #wecandoit