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Global Warming a different perspective in Africa

What do Africans believe about this phenomenon? Truth is Africans are too religious to believe man actions is of greater effect on his environments, they do not believe in the science of consequences or reactions to say, they believe everything on Earth is Divine. true, religion is the most important part of existence but truth is that for every actions there is certainly a reaction that follows, if I don't eat I won't have energy and without energy I can't do anything physical, this goes a long way to explain role of man on his environment, if we do not affect the system the system remains the same for life.

     Today is another day, all activities to stop global warming and mass extinction are on the way but somehow the destruction processes also do not cease for a moment, every minute, every seconds, deforestation is a rapid and non-stop event in some places in Africa.
   Global warming is a spiritual believe in Africa, not everyone recognizes the effect and crisis as consequences of man's activities but rather a mystical phenomenon, actions and reactions are the buildups of everything in nature if only we know, what some do not know is that when we cut down a tree, directly or indirectly we have succeeded in disbanding millions of organisms from their habitat within the tree, we have destroyed their homes.
    While in search to look for a new habitat or host, they find new interesting host, could be we or other organisms next to us, that way we have a new visitor in our midst, this is just proof of how and why different diseases hit us harder these days, the visitor could be extremely dangerous like those diseases we have today like Corona virus, Ebola, Lassa and many other diseases around the world, we need to get them fixed but can we take them back to their habitat? The answer is "NO", what we can do is to stop creating greater problems, stop deforestation and other pollution processes. Effect of climate change could result in other greater biological or biochemical complications like mutation, physiological and psychological damages with so many toxic and paralytic effect on man and other animals in his environment, we need to act now to stop this war, this is the greatest war in history of human race. Let's act now!!!


  1. Very deep and True. More than 80% Africans are clueless and uninformed about this. Even when you try to educate them. Only a few listen.

  2. Continuous promoting of environment education and awareness, will help Africans get to understand climate change and its effects

  3. It feels very good to be bonded world wide for a better future. I wish all initiators of this blog a lot of courage. Please do not forget to explain teh term: "fobbykay".

    1. Well, it's a nickname, thanks so much sir, please do subscribe to our blog for more interesting posts. Thanks! 😊


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