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Trees: The best gift of nature

Tree planting is the best solution to climate change and global warming.
   We all know the benefits of planting trees if not all but I will explaining  7(seven) benefits of planting trees.

1. Shelter & shield : Many organisms use trees as their place of shield when the weather is harsh, in a tree more than 2 million organisms exist in it, they perform their various microbial actions within the tree, birds and some other animals too nest on it, this tree also helps in providing shield for human being as well when the weather is hot and undesired.
      "No sane"  person will stand under the sun when a tree is also there, and  no one will prefer parking their cars under the sun to under the tree. You can see how beneficial the trees are to us right?

2. Economical benefits: Many trees has been proved of their economical benefits, all around the world, trees had been used for several structures and designs which no other material can be improvised, forest are valued as a place for outdoor recreation, forest in some countries are used to provide raw material for industrial use, in Africa trees are used in production of charcoals, crafting, furniture and as well in buildings.

3.Environmental benefits: our environment needs to be regulated and amount of emissions and green house gas needs to be reduced to avoid global warming. In this case trees are very important agents in reducing the levels of emissions and greenhouse gases by so many biological processes either by itself
or inhabiting microbes within the tree.

4. Land preservation: Our lands can be preserved if trees are planted for agricultural or other purposes, it prevents erosions and windy weather that takes away many organisms (organic matter) out of the soil, it's also in addition prevent our houses or structures against tough and high winds that blows away roofs and buildings.

    It enrich the soil with nutrients that makes it fertile and perfect for farming purposes, it's also moderate high temperature for soils, erosion control, dust trapping and helps improve the soil ability to retain and absorb rainfalls quicker. 

5. Energy production (source of food): Trees has been the first and most important source of food for all organisms, fruit trees has been the most interesting part of trees, they produce food that gives energy to perform physical activities, they do not only provides energy such as carbohydrates alone but other classes of food, more importantly they produce essential micro and macro nutrients. Your favorite fruit or fruits contains so much nutritional benefits than junk you eat, learn to start eating fruits guys!😊

6. Green energy production: Due to several reactions going on in the roots and soils of the tree, the energy produced by these organisms can not be utilized by this tree, the tree only make use of a small portion of the energy for it's metabolic processes, this energy can be used as a source of electrical energy by the use inert electrodes. This is the most efficient and effective green energy from plants and it has been proven to have no effect on the growth of the plant.

7. Medicinal benefits: trees are not just for only those purposes mentioned earlier but they also produce antioxidants and also important phytochemicals which are very important in treatment of diseases and medical condition,                 

   *   More than 50% of drugs prescribed by doctors are derived from chemicals first identified in plants. More than 70% of plants are said to be medicinal.  

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