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Africa climate activists: One Voice


lots of happenings in Africa due to climate change and global warming, but no one is ready to make a difference.
African governments turned blind eye into dealing with this life threatening situations, Carbon emission rate keeps incredibly increasing and deforestation never cease for a moment and rate of pollution keeps soaring higher and higher without  hope of declining soon.
  I posted a blog late last year on Africa perspectives on global warming and what this warming means to Africa, but the truth about this whole issues is that some individuals are trying to unify Africa through social media and bring about a real and strategic plans on dealing with the climate change and global warming through activists across Africa, this doesn't overlook or discriminate the contribution and efforts of individual groups and NGOs in Africa that relentlessly making huge efforts in tackling and combating climate change and global warming.
  These individuals are dedicated to create unity in all regions and as well as initiate proper awareness and sensitization across Africa of the vulnerability and catastrophic damages resulting through global warming and climate change.
    For years now, Africans have been silent and non active in monitoring and evaluating damages and problems arousing from climate change and global warming, this effect dealt mercilessly with our lakes, air qualities, foods and as well community health conditions through water and land pollution.
January 2020, a youth leader named Miss Sani kaossara from Togo, West Africa along with other African activists created a movement on WhatsApp that initially involved about 39 members from different regions across Africa, this movement is growing faster as it enables young African climate activists to share their experiences and also amplifies their voices across all networks. Activities such as community strikes, environmental sanitations and tree planting are the major theme of the movement.
   "we can't grow Africa through disunity" is their major chant. We need vibrant African climate activists to come together and say #NoToDeforestation #NoTofossilfuelburning
You can also join the movement through the following channels Twitter Facebook and WhatsApp.

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