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Businesses you can setup with little or no capital

Nowadays people often ask me whose businesses you can setup/start with little or no capital? I will just go straight to the point.

In Nigeria today you can setup lots of businesses without a penny but most time you need a strong negotiation plan and insights, firstly businesses requires a give and take pattern, if you are not willing to do anything for money then forget about it, a strong negotiation plan will replace your lack of capital in these businesses I will discuss shortly. One more thing is if you want to expand whatever business or start any business in this modern days, you need to get online to maximize your efforts for effective results. I will discuss five (5) of these businesses.

1. Online marketing of local products: some of you might disagree with me on this but it's the most profitable way to start without a penny, you can negotiate with the producer and make a deal then start advertising online using your WhatsApp account, Facebook and other media or free marketing services you know. It might be dress a friend makes, it might be shoe or other products you know will interest your audience.

2. A distributor : This is bright way to start venturing into businesses you have little or no capital to start with, it could be anything e.g food or other products, negotiate with a supplier and get your customers ready, then you're good.

3. Popcorn selling: This requires no or little capital, but a strong negotiation plan will and business strategy will be required, all you need to do is rent popcorn machine/machines from a dealer, collect all other items or products on credit which you can negotiate to pay on either weekly or monthly basis and you are good!

4. Sachet water distributor : This sounds odd but I bet you will amazed by the outcome, visit any nearest sachet water factory around you for negotiation, know how much you can get a bag as a distributor, negotiate to a reasonable offer, with some agreements, go to as many customers as you can, negotiate the price and products with them to finalise a deal, you can choose any method of delivery depending on the locations. Here you need strong negotiation plan and probably can contact me for more information on this.

5. Fast food seller : All you need is your cooking skills, get a nice location if you afford it, you can get almost all food materials on credit and get your customers anywhere, everywhere using all platforms.

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