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How to secure your Facebook account from hackers

This is a step by step process in securing your Facebook account and prevent hackers from accessing your account as we've seen in recent years how people unfairly lose their Facebook account to hackers or invaders.

About 40 to 50 percent of my friends and relatives had lost their accounts to these internet miscreant for all sorts of illegal activities, some were even extorted during this period, but we've reviewed methods of securing your accounts on Facebook without a fear of hacking, we also have the processes for securing your WhatsApp account from being hacked here

Step 1. Click the right top corner of your Facebook app or page on your browser (for those using phone browsers or PC).

Step 2. Scroll down to settings & privacy on your facebook app or settings if you're using phone browsers.

Step 3. Click on security and login.

Step 4. Click on Two-factor Authentication.

Step 5. Click on use two-factor Authentication.

Step 6. Two options will be presented,

i. Authentication App (recommended)

ii. Text message (sms)

Step 7. Click on option 1

Step 8. Click on Authentication App, you will need to download an Authentication app (Google Authenticator), if you're setting up an Authenticator on the same device scroll down to copy the generated code but if not scan the barcode to the other device.

i. A code will be presented or a barcode if you're using two cellphones.

Step 9. On the Authentication app, click on the add option (plus sign located at the bottom right.

Step 10. choose Enter a setup key if you're using same cellphone and choose barcode if it's on another cellphone

Step 11. Account name should be "Facebook" and copy paste the Authentication code from your Facebook.

Step 12. Click add and you're good.

Either of the two options is perfect but I do recommend the option 1 for strong security. But if you're okay with SMS.

Step 7. Click on option 2.

Step 8. Select your phone number or whichever phone number you will be using that is safe and secure for you.

Step 9. Copy and insert the confirmation code to continue

You're good to go .