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Volume 1

My name is Zakariyau Abdulazeez Afolabi (Fobbykay), I started buying and selling grains since 2010 till now, I'm putting my experiences together to help anyone new on this side to quickly master the game of grain market in Nigeria. We are on a mission to promote hundreds of local markets and help traders increase their profit margins, you can help us reach these goals by subscribing to this blog, like our Facebook page and invite your friends to like as well. Please Note this is volume 1 as it only contain tips for beginners. Next article will be out on 2nd of January 2021.

    To anyone wanting to give in to the grain business in Nigeria, particularly in the country's southwest region, your best and major markets to targets are located in any of these states, Kano, Niger, Kwara. In this guide, I will share my experience going on my first trip to two different markets in Kwara State. The Tsaragi market and the Gbugbu market. 

    In these two markets, I learned quite a lot. The experiences are similar when compared at some levels. Both markets are patronized in enormous amounts, but the number and space of the market square vary as one is more prominent and mightier than the other. Gbugbu, which is the biggest, is a well known market typically organized mid-week, every Wednesday, except in some rare cases when the market day is shifted or pre-opened. An example of such an occasion would be for festive periods. This market sells all kinds of grains and other foodstuffs such as rice, guinea corn, maize, garri, yam flour, etc.

   When comparing its location to Tsaragi, it is far from the main city. Gbugbu market is located in Patigi Edu local government. It is a very popular market in Kwara state known for its lower commodity price, and it is also one of the food market Price controllers.  Stock brought from the market is cheaper and generates much more profits for both wholesalers and retailers. One of the few disadvantages is the lack of an online or mobile banking system by the traders as most prefer cash only as a means of transaction. Sadly this form of transaction has led to difficult, brutal experiences of traders being hijacked by thieves robbing them of their money. People consider this route stressful, some might even argue that it is dangerous.

   Tsaragi, on the other hand, is less distanced from the city of Ilorin; some of the traders in this local market use either mobile banking, internet banking, or POS service as means to complete their various transactions, while others are strictly cash only. Additionally, this market also contributes about 40 percent of the grain market in the state as the buyer from different regions of the country, especially the south or for some other exporting purposes, buy from this market. This market is patronized mostly on Saturday except in rare cases (festive periods) where market days are shifted.   

    My journey to these two markets was fantastic and illuminating, and I got to experience exploring my state from a whole new vantage point. I spent two days on this expedition, both times starting the trip very early in the day. Some things to expect, you will be charged for some other fees like local government charges and taxes per bag on your way out of the market; these fees are compulsory and mandated. 

    Aside from the fact that you went out for business, the journey should be fascinating and enjoyable. It's a great opportunity to meet fellow traders and exchanging contacts for business updates and most especially change in price, and other purposes, are essential.

Getting to and Around the Markets

 Make sure you also leave very early as it will be a great advantage in engaging more with the trading session at both the pre-market and in-market period. If you are visiting for your first time or thinking of using these markets as staple places to stock your shelves for petty trades or an easy and affordable option to get supplies to feed your large family, arriving late could mean that you miss interesting offers and more. 

On my way, boarding a bus to these markets, I learned you should carry cash when visiting both markets for trading; while Tsaragi market accepts electronic payments and a nearby bank available, Gbugbu doesn't.  

   On getting to both markets, I will advise any attendee to window shop to understand pricing and product quality. An interpreter in Nupe or Hausa can be a lot better in this case, and you can always get a shooker to check product quality and a marker to indicate your already bought goods.

   After negotiation on your preferred goods, you can make payment immediately to avoid error or misunderstanding between you and the seller as some buyers might give a better offer. Meeting people should be wonderful, but everyone wants to profit in the market place, so be careful meeting people during a trading session.

   Loading each bag into a bus or car and conveying your goods shouldn't exceed 200 naira. Most commonly, 100 naira per bag is often regular, and conveying them to Ilorin shouldn't exceed 800 per bag. Negotiating with the driver could reduce that amount.  

   Amazing how partaking in business can also be fun and a means of local exploration. In all, it will be an exciting experience. I wish you all a wonderful business trip.

Important lessons to know

💡 Make sure to leave very early.

💡Make sure you are cash ready.

💡Try to study the market Price that day, cross-checking with different traders.

💡Do not forget to get a shooker and a marker

💡Always check your goods carefully and thoroughly before making payments.

💡Always act like an insider, the sellers will be generous with your purchase. 

💡Go with your lunch box as it could be time consuming

💡 Make sure to pay all your charges and fees

💡Leave the markets once you're done buying

💡😇 have fun. 

Additionally, if you are buying from these local markets, you're buying right as they are most likely an extension of the mentioned Markets or affiliate. The lists are as follows:-

* Ganmo market

*Iyana shaare market

* Oke-Oyi market

*Idofian market

*Igbaja market

*Sa'adu market

*Babanloma market

For any questions or enquiries, kindly put them down below in the comment section as we will attend to it as soon as possible. Thanks.