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How is the most important life supporting component, surviving under man's abuse?

Before the advent of man on planet earth, scriptures reveal Eden, the Terrestrial Paradise. The sanctuary where all life forms were created to frolic and mature. In this process God created plants before he considered the addition of Man, Adam and his woman, Eve. This belief does not only prove the essentiality of plants and trees but it solidifies the importance of plant life before man, hence without trees and other plant life, human kind will never be a race on planet earth. 

         The excellent performance of man on earth is a result of the endless support and consistency of plant life to the animal kingdom as a whole. We feed, shelter, and cloth through plants, taking  full advantage of the ingenuity plant life provides. 

     To truly appreciate the ingeniousness of plant life, we must understand the unscene processes, a secret character that aids in the development of it. Mycorrhizae are underground hyphal networks created by mycorrhiza fungus to supply essential nutrients and materials to other plants. These little multicellular organisms work with plants in a specific area, and together they benefit man. Together they  help to improve the healthy functioning of our natural environment. Like man is dependent on plants for his food and energy, plants' relationship with these fungi is the same except both parties benefit. What does man do for the betterment of plants?

       Man continues to fail the Ecosystem with detrimental acts and habits like pollution, overpopulation and deforestation. All these abuses on the Ecosystem isn't only affecting plant life and animals, man also suffers. If this continues, everything that serves as a business avenue for man and source of wealth for his generation will crumble under the weight of his excessive usage and destruction of trees and plant life. 

       While reforestation, land preservation and afforestation proves to be the  best way of getting back our Ecosystem and improving our lives through the enormous availability of organic materials such as food, medicinal plants,as well as life supporting elements like oxygen. More can be done, and it is all within the capabilities of man.

       Trees have been the most important part of nature’s efficiency and effectiveness to maintaining the health of man and all living things.

Three key insurmountable Benefits and process of Plants

       First, and  most obvious is Production of Oxygen and Food,  as we already know, plants absorb the carbon dioxide released by animals as a waste product, these wastes will be absorbed by the plants to generate food for themselves (nutrients) and  animals, these processes also produce oxygen to support life.
These series of reactions provide fuel for Millions of Micro and macro-organisms for their various metabolic functions examples are nitrogen producing bacteria(nitro-bacta), azotobacter, methanogens, and cyano bacta, carbon fixing bacteria.

     Second, Purification of water system; this process is done through series of reactions, hence "the water cycle" which allows water flow through different purification channels within the soil and trees to improve water quality by slowing down rain as it Falls to the earth and also helping it to  soak into the soil adequately, serving as natural filters to protect our streams, Lake, and Rivers. 

      Third, Improving soil irrigation and fertility; trees and plant life prevent our water from washing away soil nutrients.  prevent soil from flowing into our waterways, they also lessen floor damage and reduce storm strength.

All in all, trees and plants do so much for man. When will man repay that debt?

Edited by: Simbiat Adanlawo

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  1. The Eden story is a fable that illustrates the failure of humankind to maintain its place within the pattern of natural life on the planet. We have now come to the real sticking point, in which our activities are seriously threatening the rest of the natural world. Thankfully, many people across the world are at last recognising the danger and trying to alert governments and big industrial/financial powers to the need to stop the damage. All of us must do all we can to demand a response, change our destructive habits and find a way to live sustainably within nature, not against it.


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